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Unique Self-outline Metallic Markers

Unique Self-outline Metallic Markers

Unique Self-outline Metallic Markers

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Our incredible Self-outlined Metallic Markers are the perfect tool for hand lettering and writing projects that require an extra flourish of color and crispness. Ideal for creatives who enjoy making illustrations, holiday greeting cards, posters, journals, wedding invitations, decorate gifts, and more. 


Double Line Pens 

Offer metallic silver effects and colorful outlines in a single stroke! Add some pizzazz to your hand lettering writing projects, greeting cards, scrapbooks, and art projects with bright, beautiful details.


Medium Point

Durable felt medium tip for bold letters and designs


Low Odor Quick Drying Ink

Non-washable, filled with top-quality ink that flows easily, every pen will provide smooth writing without worrying that the ink will dry out prematurely. 


Safe for children, non-toxic (xylene-free), and environmentally friendly


Magical Effect

Different effects on white and black paper. Dual-color effect on white paper, but on black paper, you can capture only metallic silver.


Marks on Anything

Writes on nearly any surface with your imagination and creation, allowing you to easily write on paper, stone, rubber, ceramics, wood, canvas, glass, fabric, metal, wine glass, and plastic!


Easy to Use



Beautiful Personalized Gifts 

For a Birthday, Anniversary, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any special Holidays.



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