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Universal Premium Windshield Snow Cover

Universal Premium Windshield Snow Cover

Universal Premium Windshield Snow Cover

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Are you always scratching your car windshield in the snowy winter days?
Are you always late for work because of the time wasting on cleaning the snow and ice?

✅Our new windshield snow cover solves all your problems! You just need to take it off and shake off all the snow in the morning, and now you have a clear windshield in just minutes!
✅The snow cover is suitable for most car trucks and SUVs. Foldable & flexible, It's a much better way to protect your windshield from frost and snow!


Can be used in both winter and summer. In the winter, it ensures that your windows remain free of ice and in the summer it ensures that it stays cooler in the car so that the sun does not rise completely. 


Produced for ease and convenience. Can be installed in minutes as no tool and an extra hand is required, With the aid of 6 Hidden Magnets it is firmly attached to the car and grips the cover in place. 


Designed with a universal dimension to fit perfectly into Cars, Vans, Minivans, SUVs, MPVs, F250, F650.


This will leave the front windshield clean & clear, which will improve visibility and increase safety while on the road.



Side panels close inside the front car doors to help prevent and deter thieves from stealing the windshield protector and from being blown away by the wind.


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 210 * 120cm / 82.7 * 47.2in


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