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Breathable Mesh Pet Dog Sling Carrier

Breathable Mesh Pet Dog Sling Carrier

Breathable Mesh Pet Dog Sling Carrier

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Whether you want to keep your dog's feet dry when it rains, keep warm when it's cold out, help an old friend who's tired of walking or just want a warm hug, our Breathable Mesh Carrier Bag is going to be yours and the best friend of your best friend very quickly.

Why Choose Sling Carrier?

Hands-free Design

Your pet is going to be near you and safe inside the sling, giving you assurance in addition to the freedom to accomplish more while holding your pet.

Ease and Comfort

Sling bags distribute the load you are carrying evenly across your body, making it much easier to hold your dog for longer periods than with one-shoulder carriers. It can easily be changed from one shoulder to the other.

Timeless Style

A great find that suits your style! Perfect for street walking, wild hiking, and anywhere in between.


Adjustable Strap to adjust to the desired height and comfort.

A wide strap provides comfort in your shoulders.

Side zipper for easy entrance

Adjustable Neck Strap for the pet.


Internal Collar Hook for extra safety.


Padded Bottom Surface for extra comfort for the pet.

Made of high-quality PU, breathable mesh, and lightweight but durable polyester fabric.


Outside Pocket for phone and personal items.

Suitable for small pets such as Chihuahua, Teacup poodle, Maltese, other puppies, and small dogs; little cats or rabbits.

Size S - Suitable for small pets that are within approximately 3kg (6.6 lbs)

Size L - Suitable for small pets which are within approximately 6kg (13.22 pounds).

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