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NEW Toy Tray Playing Mat 3.3 Ft

NEW Toy Tray Playing Mat 3.3 Ft

NEW Toy Tray Playing Mat 3.3 Ft

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Innovative Solution To A Clean Happy Home

The Toy Tray is a new and innovative product that will keep your children’s toys in one central location, and make picking up after your children super easy. You never have to worry about them scattering their pieces again as you used to as the New Toy Tray keeps all toy pieces in one place, Play & store away to clean up in seconds.


Simply unfold the mat, snap together the corners, and fill it with your child's favorite toy pieces, LEGO, Magnetic Building Toys, puzzles, blocks, action figures, cars, or anything else your kids love to play with.


Playtime! some children love to sit and play inside the mat while some sit around it with friends, either way, it's Fun without the Mess.


Done playing,
grab the mat at both sides, and easily scoop all the pieces back into their container.

Fold and store away the mat in the toy closet for tomorrow's playtime.

Enjoy the clean floor and your kid's smile :)


Easy to use & storage
Unfold Size: 3.3 ft. x 3.3 ft (100x100 CM),
Folded size: 8 x 7 x 0.7 inches, 

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